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Give a SHHH!! About Epilepsy
I am like many other people my age in Tallahassee, FL. I have been in college for nearly the last 7 years and I am getting ready to graduate from Florida State University. I know what it's like to be stressed and overworked from keeping up with school, wo

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Joerg Mattes UON
BIOGRAPHY My research has focused on the pathogenesis of asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. The major sequence of recent projects undertaken in this area has involved epidemiological studies (e.g. birth cohort studies on the effect of asthma

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Who is Joerg Mattes and what's up with the emails?
"Joerg Mattes" ht

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Bring back Beavis and Butthead
Bring back Beavis and Butthead! For years we, the 90's MTV generation were entertained and awed by Beavis and Butthead. It brought unrivalled humour, laughter, and entertainment to people of all ages and backgrounds. The show connected with America's y
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Vote Barack Obama for President
Yes we can!
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Prevent Global Warming
Prevent Global Warming
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No More Bruntlett
Mr. Amaro, As passionate and sincere fans of our beloved baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies, we feel it is our obligation to convey to you our position on a very important issue: NOT signing Eric Bruntlett. Eric Bruntlett hit .171 this past se
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Introduce Ultimate Frisbee to the 2012 Olympics
Support the introduction of ultimate frisbee in to the 2012 London Olympic games
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pit-bulls arent just for fighting
a sorta against dog fighting to cause we hope to let the world know the true side of pit-bulls pupdog+benie
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In the name of God, stop stalking Dr Jeremy Shum!
Call this bazaar or what have you, but this vandalism on Wikipedia, about Dr Jeremy Shum, is just blatantly weird: "Hey Jeremy … When i was stalking you the other day, u were eating some mc donalds, and when you put it in the bin, i got it back out and
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motorcycle awareness
On June 12, 1974, i was brought into this world at Eglin Air Force Base, Fl., by my parents, SSGT Edward C. VanSlyke and MaryK. VanSlyke. My dad was an avid fisherman, boater, singer/songwriter, and motorcycle enthusiaste. On April 21, 2006 he was killed
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The Minimalist Movement
Less is More.. Very simple concept yet we tend to find a way to complicate our lives with everything.. Minimalism is the art of simplicity, clarity, efficiency and freedom !! A minimalist embraces the beauty of less, the aesthetic of spareness, a lif
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Virgin till Marriage
Proud to be staying a virgin until my wedding night.
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Na tentativa de incrementar uma mudança nas sociedades contemporâneas, reivindicamos um processo de feministização dos domínios político, económico e sociocultural. Exigimos a erradicação das práticas discriminatórias que transformam as mulheres em indiví

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Tell the Hall of Fame you want The Runaways!
Tell the Hall of Fame you want The Runaways!

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Stop Burning Bulls and Sadistic Fiestas!
The purpose of this cause is to raise awareness about the many horrific Fiestas in the world today, in which millions of animals are subject to Torment, torture and a brutal death.One of which is the

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Free Tibet
Free Tibet

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Introduce Ultimate Frisbee to the 2012 Olympics
Support the introduction of ultimate frisbee in to the 2012 London Olympic games

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Stop Mugabe
Save the people of Zimbabwe further suffering and sign this petition to help restore democracy to Zimbabwe.

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Stamp out domestic violence
Acts of violence against women in the home or the community contitute torture

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Stop live animal skinning in China
China has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful economies but is still mistrusted and feared (as distinct from respected) because since emerging from behind the bamboo curtain, it’s government has done little to dispel its autocratic image and a

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There are alot of stray dogs in my neighborhood. One of them just hadthree puppies. Tuesday five of the stray dogs (including the mother)were attacking one of the puppies and nearly killed it. We took him tothe Animal Hospital where he had to have s

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This cause is important for our future. How or what is our future??? OUR children. We as an adult ,mother ,father,brother,sister,aunt,uncle,grandparents,family friends ect.... It does not matter how close you are with a child . you can always make a diffe

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