about my-cause

My-Cause is a campaign site with a difference, allowing you to create a page for your cause, then design a badge to promote your campaign so you can raise awareness and support to actually make a difference.

  1. We provide a website for you to create a campaign based around any cause you feel passionate about whether this is about global warming or your favourite band.

  2. Once you've create your campaign, My-Cause allows you to design your own badge for you to put on your site and let other people display too. Your badge will not just have your cause slogan on it, a link to the cause page but it will also display the number of other people wearing the badge, thus helping you promote your cause and monitor the momentum building it!

  3. By wearing the badge on your site and sharing your cause with your friends you will quickly gain support - you will be surprised by how many people share your belief, so start spreading the word!