My-Cause Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is My-Cause?

My-Cause is a campaign site that allows users to set up campaigns and petitions free of charge. My-Cause helps users promote their causes through the creation of custom badges for each campaign and through the promotion of campaigns to the active My-cause community.

My-Cause believes that in this modern age we all have responsibility to express ourselves and make our voices heard in order to preserve the democracy and rights that we have fought so long and hard for.

How Do I Create A Cause?

Very easily. Just sign up for an account and click 'Create a Cause'. You'll need to provide details on your cause such as the title, some content, tags (to describe it in more detail than just category) and how many signatures you are targeting to collect. The 2nd stage is to create a badge which becomes your promotional method. The badge gives you the tool to spread the word about your cause. Because it displays the total number of people wearing the badge - this will encourage people to wear it and show their support with the group. If someone clicks on your badge, they go to your page and can get the code to put a badge on their page (become a supporter) and/or sign the petition (a signature).

What Is A supporter?

Someone who has taken the code for your badge and is displaying it on their page or Myspace profile. This is the number displayed on the badge which dynamically updates.

What is a signature?

Someone who has signed your petition. As you need an account to sign a petition, a signature is associated with your account so people can view what other petitions your signature has signed

How Do I Register?

Click on register now. We only require a few pieces of information to create your account. Please check the privacy policy for details on how we use your data.

What Do I Do Once My Cause Has Been Created?

Spread the word. You can forward emails with details of the cause and also start promoting the badge by putting it in your Myspace profile or adding it as a comment to your friends

Can I Edit My Badge?

Yes, To do this login to My-cause, then go to the cause page whos badge you wish to edit and scroll down to the Cause Supporters, "Comments & Statistics" heading. Here you will find a link allowing you to edit or change the badge.

How Do I Promote My Cause?

We sent you an email when you created your cause, including some recomendations on how to promote the campaign. We recommend you send this email on to all your friends who'd be interested. You should also add the badge to your Myspace profile and personal home page and even it as a comment to your friends profile. This will help create awareness and start gathering support!

How Will My-Cause Promote My Campaign?

Because we know who has signed a cause, and if you tag the cause - we can cross promote your cause to other users.

How Can People Find My Petition?

By either clicking on one of your badges that is pasted on someone's page or myspace profile or if they come to the homepage they can search via categories, keywords and tags. We also highlight the top 10 performing causes as well as recently updated ones on the front page.

Why Has My Cause Been Suspended ?

If we receive a complaint about the content of your cause we have a right to suspend a cause while we investigate the complaint.

How Do I Report Offensive or Illegal Content ?

Every cause has a 'report this' button to alert us to questionable content

How Are Petition Signatures Validated?

We require a My-Cause account for a signature - we validate email address at a user level.

How Safe are the petition signatures?

Signatures are treated with great care; The whole site including signature databases is backed up daily and archived

How Is My-Cause Funded?

My-Cause is supported primarily by visitor donations and support from Google. My-Cause relies on your generosity to pay for the upkeep, hosting and high monthly fees for bandwidth (internet traffic) due to the number of badges people where which are all caused from our servers.

I've Emailed You About My Petition; When Will I Get An Answer?

When writing to My-Cause about a petition, it is essential that you clearly identify the petition by including the complete petition URL in the email. A general description of the petition, or the approximate petition title, is not enough.