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Get Dante To Canada!
Hello, my name is Dante. Im trying to get enough money to move to live with the girl I love. Currently she lives about 2000 miles away, and Ive been working night and day to make enough money to get to where she is, but because of the economy, Im having a

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Time to change child support and child custody law
It is time to change child support and custody laws to meet the 21st century. It is time the courts start pushing for shared custody, with minimal child support and give more rights to men when it comes to support and custody. Time to start treating fat

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Harper's Trip to China
Our goal is to show Prime Minister Harper that Canadians need him to raise awareness about the ongoing human rights abuses practiced in China, and give a voice to the millions who have been silenced by the Chinese Communist Party, with whom he is about to

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Need help to go to Recovery
Hi, My name is Kim. I am 29 years old. I live in Abbotsford, BC, Canada I have recently applied for a program in Ontario called New Life Girls Home. I struggle with an eating disorder, alcohol addiction, self-harm, depression and suicidal impulses

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Ban VOTING in Canadian prisons!
Do you want your government leaders elected by RAPIST, MURDERERS, THIEVES, DRUG DEALERS and HOOKERS? In any given day in Canada, there are about 150,000 prisoners in correctional institutes (2005).

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Move to Canada: Speak English
I am sick and tired of saying 'excuse me' to people 3-4x without them budging. Why? Because they don't speak/understand English! Or, they choose to use the 'language card' when it's convenient. If you choose to live in Canada, LEARN English and speak it.

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My big break in music rides on $3500
Recording Artist seeking cash to follow opportunity

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St Paul University's condom ban is unacceptable!
SPUSA (St. Paul University Student Association) is a group of students who have been democratically elected by the student population. Among many things, their job is to listen to the needs of the student population and to represent the student community.

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