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Pass anti corruption bill in India
Appeal to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, India to introduce Anti-corruption bill prepared by Lok Satta in the ensuing budget session of the legislative assembly. We, citizens of Andhra Pradesh wholeheartedly welcome the strong commitment to co

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Street Dogs of Nepal
STREET DOGS OF NEPAL On a recent visit to Nepal with an old school friend I came across the Monkey Temple or Swayambunath Stupa. I had already visited Delhi in India where the dog situation was really horrendous and also Lahore in Pakistan where Bears we

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Asha Deepa School for the Blind
Asha Deepa School for the Blind (ADSFB) is residential school for the visually challenged children. In the school, there are 50 blind children in the age group of 5-15 years and these children are from illiterate, poor families born in villages of Bidar &

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the man who saved the rajahmundry municipal region
the regional director cum appliate commissioner of municipal administartion,rajahmundry region rajahmundry office located at rajahmundry at east godavari district of andhra pradesh at this office sri.m.vinod kumar junior assisstant of mandapet muncipality

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???....height of cruelty.....and a blot on humanity.....? Anybody and evrybody who are involved in consuming are more cruel than those who r indulged in butchery.... they all r not humans.....just beasts... shame on all.....???

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Helping the needy
Creating awareness among the rural public and make them send their children to schools. Helping those children who are really in need.

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This is a group with the radical thinkers who want to change the present situation of India and to solve the problems and difficulties and to stop corruption and dream of a better India and have the will to make it a reality..our first cause of action i

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we require independence frm corruption (india)
we tell its free india but is it really free ???? letz join together and fi8 against corruption.... lets not sit quite and raise our voices against corruption lets fi8 fr INDIA's freedom against corruption :)

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Chess for Peace
The Earth is a beautiful place and life is precious. No wars should be fought. Let all catharsis take place on the chessboard. Chess brings together people without any problems of language or religion. Play chess for peace. Make friends. Let the planet be

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Support a Mother's fight for her daughters lives More than 37 million women “missing” from Indian population More than 7000 daughters are killed even before being born every day in this country (U.N.I.C.E.F report) More than 7000 girls in India lose their right

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Right for girl children to live
Dr. Mitu Khurana refused to abort her twin daughters when she was falsely tricked into a sex determination test by Dr.Kamal Khurana, her husband and also a doctor himself. Mitu’s story of struggle began here. Her staunch refusal to abort her children le

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V.Rajendra prasad regional director municipality
miss using the right to information act2005 by the public information officers of municipalities due to lack of knowledge in the the rajahmundry region sri.dr.v.rajendraprasad regional director is quite supporting to the public information offi

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Save Niyamgiri Hills
At the centre of the struggle was the Dongria’s sacred mountain, the ‘mountain of law’. The Dongrias worship the top of the mountain as the seat of their god and protect the forests there Vedanta Resources wanted to mine the bauxite from the top

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Pardon Sanjay Dutt
Your Excellency, The media has reported today that Sanjay Dutt has been awarded 5 years imprisonment by the Supreme Court. I appeal to you to pardon him under Article 161 of the Constitution for the following reasons: (i) The Supreme Court, having f

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