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Ban Hare Coursing
Callan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.Attn: Re. Ba

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We request that FIFA provide more match officials
Please sign if you believe FIFA need to consider introducing more match officials & video refs to ensure that cheat is driven out of the game of football.

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Replay France vs. Ireland
FAI chief executive John Delaney has urged FIFA to uphold their principles and agree to replay the Republic's World Cup play-off with would like you to help support the cause and create a petition which we will push forward to FA

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Irish people robbed by Henry
Please sign this petition to send to FIFA to get the chance at the French again also to this time make the french suffer, we were robbed of a place in South A frica and deserve to be there more than France! Come u Irish, show our solidarity with the Heor

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Helping Hands Romania
Hello myself (Bronagh Beattie) and my friend (Grace Cotter) are doing a Tandem Skydive at the start of July to raise money for a great cause. Helping Hands Romania is a registered Chairty based in Northern Ireland, who make an annual summer trip to Rom

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