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Stop The Japanese Whaling

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stop japanese whalers
this is trying to make people help stop japanese waller from killing over 400 whale a year. it is a legal to kill whale now but the law says that you are a loud to kill a number of whale each year for reserch. the japanes kill the whale then sell the meat

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Petition SHISEIDO to abolish animal experiments
We seek the abolition of animal experiments in Japan and in particular call upon SHISEIDO to end all animal experimentation for cosmetics. As animal testing for cosmetics has been banned in EU since March 11, 2009, we took this opportunity to launch a

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Help Protecting Rohingya Muslims ال
We ask all people for the sake of humanity to help protecting Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. They are human being like us and need our help. They are being cleansed. If it is an animal welfare the cause may gather 1000000 supporters, what about human welfar

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